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A celebrity is a person who is widely-recognized in a given society and commands a degree of public and media attention. This category is for sites with the subject matter of multi-celebrity gossip, rumors, or news stories that are not proven factual, and reveal personal or sensational information.

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Celebrity Gossip Directory:
My Way: Celebrity Gossip - Current gossip from the world of entertainment.
MSNBC Celebrity Gossip - Celebrity gossip and news from Jeannette Walls.
TeenPurple.com: Celebrity Dirt - News, gossip, and scandals.
Joe Hollywood's Star Maps and Celebrity Dirt - Hollywood and celebrity gossip with archives.
E! Online: Gossip - Celebrity and entertainment gossip.
AskMen.com: Entertainment Gossip - Celebrity news and gossip from the world of entertainment.
Salon.com: People - Celebrity gossip snippets about the current newsmakers.
The Sixth Search - Psychics give their impressions on the stories behind celebrity gossip and headline news.
Weirdcrap.com: Entertainment Online - Celebrity gossip, news, movie reviews and previews, as well as television and music headlines.
Popbitch - Message board and newsletter focusing on satirical celebrity gossip.
Blind Item Rehash List - Archive of celebrity gossip blind items usually found in tabloids, magazines, and newspapers. Articles kept vague, with possible answers supplied.
Star Magazine - Celebrity fashion, news, and gossip exclusives. Users can post rumors about their favorite celebrities on the message boards.
Chatzone Newsletter - Features celebrity gossip, online events, and an entertainment news eZine.
PeopleNews.com - Source of celebrity news, insider gossip, and entertainment.
New York Post: Page Six - Information on celebrity news, gossip, fashion, and movies from the New York Post's gossip columns.
Online Scoop - Provides links to celebrity news, gossip, and photographs.
Jennifer Aniston UK - JAUK - Provides news, gossip, images, film updates and releases, biography, and awards.
Mischa Barton News - Fan site devoted to the actress includes news, gossip, pictures, interviews and reader commentary.
TV.com: Lynsey Baxter - Biography, filmography and gossip.
Bogart's Best - Contains full biography, famous quotes, romantic gossip, and urban legends surrounding Bogie.
TV.com: Jay Bunyan - Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and notes.
TV.com - Linda Bove - Biography, roles and appearances, and gossip.
Dannielle Brent Online - Biography, pictures, videos, interviews, gossip, contact information, and links.
Heavenly Holly - News, gossip, pictures, contact information, biography, video clips, and links.
TV.com: Matt Craven - Biography, roles and appearances, and gossip.
Abstracts.net: Leonardo DiCaprio - Artistic thumbnailed picture gallery, extensive biography, the latest news and gossip, film credits, hangman game, chat, and quiz on the star of Titanic.
Actor Scott Glenn Fan Page - Includes biography, filmography, news and gossip, forum, and related links.
Moono.com- Lindsay Lohan lovers - Image gallery, biography, news and gossip.
TV.com: Kyal Marsh - Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and notes.
Courtney Thorne-Smith Page - Fan site with biography, filmography, photos, news and gossip, interviews, wallpaper, and links.
Travolta News Site - All the latest news, gossip, and rumors direct from the Official Travolta Fan Club.
TV.com: Tom Verica - Biography, roles and appearances, and gossip.
Birgitte's Sigourney Weaver Page - Personal dedication includes biography, filmography, pictures. Features interviews, movie reviews, discussion, news and gossip.
Macaulay Culkin - A club for Mack fans, with news and gossip.
Sarah Michelle Gellar Zone - Biography, filmography, news and gossip, pictures, and information on "Buffy".
411 on Catherine Zeta Jones - News and gossip, vital statistics, movie trailers and other multimedia, and pictures.

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